You should change your Workplace Time Zones

Few examples of Unproductive Time Zones:

Gossip Time

This is when your employees tend to talk about work, workers, the bosses and what not; Specially, prior to the arrival of the boss at the office. Various gossip zones are active for various departments specially the ones like business development, digital marketing and operations.

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Lunch Time

This time zone is generally automatically extended. A 30 minutes lunch may extend to 1 hour — 1 hour to 1.5 hours and so on. Generally managers go late for lunches, and thus they may not be monitoring the exact lunch timing for most employees. Post lunch gossips and meetups are fun for most teams. Talking in terms of productivity, a 30 to 45 minute lunch break is more than enough for anyone and whatever goes beyond that is loss of efficiency.

Feeling Sleepy Time

Here employees feel like taking a nap of sorts. This generally happens post lunch and is a general human tendency. But being habitual of sleeping during afternoon hours is not only hazardous to ones professional efficiency but also bad for health.

Snacks Time

This is when employees tend to have snacks, biscuits, something light to fulfil the early evening crave. It could well be chocolates or pastries as well for some. Now many companies have frequent celebrations and parties in the office generally during the same time which is a good practice.

Deadline Time

Once all the above time zones are over, employees finally realize they had some work to do. Its possibly the most productive time zone out of all and also the most stressful one as there is a lot to do and in so less time. Everyone has a daily task list at hand and if you waste your early hours in silly stuff, the deadline time is bound to take a toll on you. In all probability you may not be able to complete all your work and create a backlog for the next day. That’s the actual productivity killer.



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