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1. Deep Integrity

Leaders must have a lot of honesty, trustworthiness and reliability towards their work and life as a whole. Leaders who have integrity will always stick to whatever they say and never hide their own mistakes. No blame games, No excuses and No Politics at all define their character.

2. Able to chalk out a Vision

A leader must be able to imagine the future. A picture of what is possible to be achieved, in what time and with what set of resources. They are able to be inspiration to others and also take people together to turn the vision into reality. Others could never imagine the way leaders do.

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3. The correct mix of Power and Influence

Leaders need to be powerful and influential. But this has to be well balanced so that they never seem boastful of their abilities. The power to influence just by words and actions is a trait seen quite rarely. Leaders have it in them. Being on social media and writing just a line that is liked by thousands is only possible when you impact people’s lives.

4. People Appreciation

Good leaders always have the habit of appreciating or praising their team for even the smallest of achievements. They always have a hold on the teams’ performance and have an idea of what to speak for whom at what juncture of his career journey. They shower impactful appreciation that automatically motivates the team members to work to the best of abilities. This one is the most important trait of a true leader. This one quality has allowed a startup like to emerge as a major activtrak alternative and desktime alternative in the least possible time. We always appreciate our people for each and every achievement.

5. Self Awareness

Leadership is not only about knowing others but also knowing yourself. A leader always puts his best foot forward and has an understanding of his capabilities. Being a leader one continuously keeps on learning to be at pace with changing times and people. Self improvement and self assessment come in handy while managing a team as other members never feel the leader to be out of form.

6. Empathy towards people

Leadership is about being empathetic towards people. The others’ perspective and also the alternate perspective must always come into picture prior to decision making when its about a team. The success of a leader cannot be measured excluding the success of his team. Think about people and people will think about you and thereby your brand. Also being a great listener helps. Always try to speak last when everyone has put their thoughts forward. This allows you time to understand everyone and take measures which can make the team happy.



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