The Hybrid way of Working

Some of the Hybrid dynamics of the work that need to be understood:

Remote Working:

The concept of remote work hardly exists. In the recent past, remote work much popular. Usually it was only available as a special arrangement for specific cases.

Re Imagining employee well-being & Wellness

Employee well-being this is the term about which the companies are extremely concerned about.Now organizations are planning for employee well being extensively. Workplaces are taking care of the health and the wellness of the employee. Many organizations casually plan employer engagement activities on the weekdays, small meetup & dinners.
Employee Well-being is not only about managing physical well-being but the other factors that impact it.

Senior employers choosing flexible work hours over promotion

The experienced and the senior employees now want to have the flexible working hours and flexible work schedule instead of taking the promotion in the organization. After the pandemic the employees now want to do work in the way they want without compromising with the productivity they want the work should be completed within a flexible manner.



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