Take Charge Of Your Energy, Not Your Time‍

“It doesn’t matter how fast the time flies; remember that you are the pilot”.

Time management is an art that every employee is expected to master. However, the most fundamental thing that every organisation tends to overlook is instead of channelising your time you should channelise your energy. Harvard Business School suggests, “Channelising workspace energy is one of the strategies that have been receiving the optimum return. The study states all the organisations that have been using the 4 E’s of energy effectively have noticed a significant rise in their annual profits. So, let’s have a look at the 4 E’s of energy and how it can help your workspace to improve its profits.

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In a study conducted at Harvard School Of Business, they recognised the need of managing energy instead of managing time and the conclusion of the research stated 4 E’s of energy and they are as follows:

Ever heard of the physical energy crisis?

The first E of the energy is the physical energy, which signifies the strength our body processes. As it is well said that our body is a shrine and it should be worshipped effectively. So, to prevent ourselves from physical energy crisis Harvard has suggested the following ways:

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Regulation Of Serotonin

A study says a happy employee is a productive employee. So, to keep your employees happy you have to make sure that serotonin, the happy hormone, should be running through your employee’s veins. Fresh plants and air can help to do the same.

‍Balanced Diet

It is well said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, so it is very important to take a healthy diet that can balance your body and your mind. A regular course in nutrition is really important for a productive employee. As it provides them the energy to complete their daily tasks and be the best version of themselves.

Save your energy to be productive!

It is very important to invest your energy properly. Research says when employees as emotionally disturbed or overinvested, they are not able to work effectively as they are preoccupied with their emotions. The research states that a neutral employee as to when employees are excited they tend to overlook things and develop a carefree attitude and on the other hand a sad employee does not have the energy to manage their emotions and work at the same time.

So, a neutral employee is the most productive employee, as they can manage their emotions as well as their work.

Chanalising emotional energy into productive work is an art that every employee should master. As, corporate and time wait for none, for the need of the hour be the one who can draw a line with your emotions during their working hours.

Work Like A Meditating Monk

It is well said that work is worship and all your employees are the meditating monks who are just trying to stay focused. However, studies say a human brain can’t focus effectively for more than 120 minutes, but making sure that your employees are staying focused during these hours is essential. So, all the employees need to take a perfect break, where they don’t indulge in any screens or conversations and just sit back and relax. This way the density of the employees through flow will increase which will increase their efficiency to focus.

However, tools also help in improving employees’ efficiency to focus, as the domain blocking feature helps you to block all the unproductive applications that might hamper your employee’s productivity during their working hours.

Be An Organisation With A Purpose

Purpose attaches meaning to a person’s life, and purpose is the sole reason for an organisation’s existence. However, the purpose of an employee can be quite different from the purpose of an organisation. Employees focus on their growth by constantly learning and being the best version of themselves. But at the same time, an employee needs to stand with their organisation and this can only happen when the organisation treats their employees as a family and not as a team.

Employees should develop a sense of belongingness so that their employees can experience a safe space where they are comfortable being themselves.

So, the above-listed “E” is the key to a happy and prosperous workspace, this way you can manage your energy and save time, which you can utilize in grooming yourself and being the best version of yourself. It is well said, “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” So, there is always room for change and improvisation.

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