Applying this IKIGAI concept into your Employee Management Strategy can benefit your company greatly.

Essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”
― Hector Garcia Puigcerver

Quick Summary: Applying the profound teaching at the workplace. Rather than relying on the old leadership style, focusing on a new, values, where the task is to focus on coordination and cooperation by listening and understanding.

At the Beginning of 2016, when the Ikigai Book launched it hadn’t got much recognized among the general readers and reviewers. First people thought that it is some way of Zen concept which is already discussed most of the time earlier.

But Sooner the book and the Ikigai concept got much appreciation. People are amazed by the teaching and principles. The concept of ikigai is not only useful for living a productive life but also helpful in every aspect of life.

The Japanese IKIGAI concept has worked well across the globe.

There is a snippet that says, “Whatever it is, it’s there in the present — Delaying it to the future can delay it indefinitely”

The above applies well in companies with lot of employees.

Imagine a day when your employee commits a small mistake that you notice, somehow whether or not you are implementing employee tracking within your organization. Then you think to let him learn on his own and perhaps you will point this out in a future team meeting.

This impacts long-term employee productivity in most cases.

A better strategy would have been pointing it out immediately as you notice & figuring out the solution as well in coordination with the employee.

Talking to employees continuously helps finish the matter and progress the learning then and there which ultimately helps enhance the overall employee productivity. This not only gives a comfort to the employee that his concerns are being addressed but also gives his satisfaction that he always have a space to get heard.

Obviously, under such cases, you as a manager need to have an idea of what your employees are doing. This is where employee productivity monitoring tools like come into the picture by providing constant detailing of your team’s work.

From tracking daily attendance to capturing productive hours or entire project progress, is the perfect employee monitoring software . Its robust reporting system allows users to dive deep for better analysis and provide detailed reports in a few clicks. It is considered one of the best work from home software to monitor remote working employees and increase productivity. With employee Monitoring the mangers and team leaders are always stay updated on the ongoing processes. This helps him in the allocation of the responsibilities.

Small mistakes can hamper big projects heavily and pointing out such smaller ones is not that easy on manual mode. As such employee monitoring tools come in handy here.

Try this out next time at your office. The moment someone commits a mistake, point out and rectify it the same day. You will see the difference.



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