7 technology tools that you can use to speed up your business tracks‍

1. Quickbooks Online — The accounting tool

Quickbooks is a financial management software made by Intuit is easy to use and approachable, even for people with no prior accounting expertise and it is completely functioning.

2. Hubspot — The CRM Software

Hubspot is basically a CRM software which assists a company in maintaining a record of all interactions of any form with its customers to reduce manual redundancy of work.

3. We360.ai — The Employee Productivity Monitoring Software

Post pandemic, Remote working and hybrid working are kind of applied at most places in the corporate ecosystem. Businesses had not anticipated their workers working from home. Employee monitoring can be tough even when your employees are working from office, working remotely has undoubtedly increased the problem. However, you need not be worried because employee monitoring software like We360.ai can help you here.

4. Trello — The Project Management Tool

Trello is one is a task and project management software. With the evolution of hybrid work culture, managing projects has become an incredibly complex task.

5. Ahrefs — The SEO tool

Showing presence on google is so very important for any business nowadays. Search engine optimization does just that. Before initiating on google optimization you need to know how well is your website structured, how your competitors are doing and what they are doing.

6. Ubuntu — The operating system you should use

We know all are accustomed to using windows but trust us, once you start using LINUX based free and open source operating systems, you will never regret. The best bet here is ubuntu.

7. Slack — The Workplace Communication Tool

When you employees are distributed across teams and geographies, a communication tool can come in handy. Gone are the days when whatsapp or emails were used for communication. Continuous workplace communication is actually the need of the hour. Slack provides an effective way for your entire team to connect with one another.



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